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Marty Nolan


Manufacturer's Representative - ­ Fastener & Industrial Products
Covering: Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana

After a brief stint working an inside sales desk during college, Marty has been a Manufacturers Rep with R.L. English Co. for the past 30+ years. He is an active member of the North Coast Fastener Association (NCFA) board and has served as president for several years. Marty is currently the NCFA representative on the Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) board where he serves as chairman.

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  •  The R.L. English Co. was established in 1952.  As with any business that has been around that long, there have been a number of changes in both people and business practices.  What has remained constant throughout the years is that we strive to discover the most effective ways of bringing value to both the companies we represent and the customers that we sell to.  

Some of the ways we have been able to bring value to our partners is by setting up product training, making joint sales calls, providing sales leads and always introducing new product lines and growth opportunities.  Another thing we believe to be of great importance is having an awareness of what is going on in our industry. 

We are very conscientious of the time we spend with customers and we strive to make sure we leave our customers feeling the time they spent visiting with us was well spent.  Some of our customers are stuck behind desks a good deal of the day, or maybe they wear too many hats to keep up with the changes in the industry. Because we invest the time in keeping up with industry trends, there is rarely a sales visit where we are not discussing industry news or trends with our customers.

For years, our sales agency has been involved in industry associations and have attended numerous trade shows.  We believe strongly in Networking and these are some of the best places to hear the latest industry news and trends.  Additionally, we have dived into Social Media, trying to gauge how vehicles like LinkedIn and Twitter will affect the industrial marketplace in years to come.  Certainly, millennials are using the communication vehicles and we are trying to keep pace in our ever changing marketplace.  

And, most importantly, we make our sales calls!  Our best days are those on the road, meeting face to face with our customers.  We refer to ourselves a "blue collar" agency as there is no one "managing the office" or shuffling through paperwork.  There are evenings and weekends for that.  We strive to be a forward thinking organization and welcome the challenges we face in our ever changing industry. 

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Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana

And...just about anywhere we see someone buying and selling fasteners!





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