Products Sold


Some of the products include the following:

Saw Blades, Screw Driving Tools, Screw Machine Specials Shoulder Screws Solid Rivets, Specialty Washers – Made to Print Studs – B-7, Carbon Thread Inserts – Solid & Wire, Threaded Rod, Tubular Rivets, Weld Fasteners, Zinc Plated Socket Head Cap Screws, Print Specials Milled from Bar Nuts(Standards and Specials) Screw Machine/CNC Products Chemical Products, Abrasives, Adhesives – Thread Patching, Pellet, Thread Masking, All Metal Locknuts, Bent U-Bolts, Blind Rivets, Brass Fittings, Cold Headed Fasteners – Small Screws & Bolts, Dowel Pins, Drill Bits, Taps, Dies, Flange Screws, Hot Forged Specials – Stainless, Inconel, Monel, exotics Large Diameter Bolts, Licensed Screws – Taptite, Plastite, MAThread, Torx Lifting Hardware – Eyebolts, Turnbuckles, Wire Rope Clips, Shackles, Metric & Inch Fasteners, Nylon Cable Ties